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My Passion and Purpose

History takes hostages. It shapes our today. My passion is learning from and celebrating the past. I am a child of the Greatest Generation living in WWII in the Los Angeles area. I'm chronicling the challenges, inspirations, and gifts my generation has given our world. I'm doing this through a documentary of World War II families and their lives. Through my speaking engagements and the short-form documentary "Greatest Children," we will become aware and apply the insights to better our future.

Our completion date is early spring 2014. Our non-profit 501(c)(3) is  pending. We welcome support from organizations, churches, community groups, businesses, and individuals all over California.

This is the last of a two day shoot completing all the particpants in my documentary. We filmed in Walnut Creek on Monday and Tuesday Sept. 9th and 10th. I am greeting the last person we filmed on Tuesday before filming. My camerman: Drew Nelson and my Director : Mike Paunovich.

I am  available to speak to your club or organization about the making of this documentary. Having  a very unusual WWII experience at age 5,  at age 76 I have undertaken producing a documentary about our age group,as we are  the children of the greatest generation. I've never made a film before! It is inspirational, fun and of TV quality. The audience is encouraged to  bring in mementos of their own from WWII. Contact me directly.

See a preview clip of Greatest Children

A surprise package was delivered to me containing one of Betty White's book, it was inscribed as follows:

Patricia - Congratulations on your first film, I am sure it will be a great success! It is very admirable that you are using your talents in such a selfless way.

Betty White

We are moving into an expanded phase of our documentary and have included these sponsorship levels. Use your credit card if you wish using the buttons below through PayPal. Our sponsorship levels are as follows:

SILVER - $1000 - Name on Funders Roster
Donor's name featured on the Funders Roster that appears at the end of the film.

GOLD - $2500 - Ten Second Clip
All of the above, plus: Donor will have their own 10 second clip at the beginning of the film consisting of donor's logo, a photo, and a short statement.

PLATINUM - $5000 or Higher -Full Marketing Exposure
All of the above, plus: Donor's name and logo appears on the DVD jacket, in marketing materials, press releases, website, and mentioned at screening events.

A 3 - 5 minute commercial to be included on the DVD extra section and uploaded to YouTube (the business can post the video on their website and/or email it to their mailing list). The commercial will explore who/what/where/why about the business and be filmed at their business location. The business will received two DVD copies of the commercial they can play on loop at their business, as as a copy of the final move DVD. Each donor at these levels will get a copy of the finished film but they are not for broadcasting at an event or on television.

501(c)(3) pending

We will appreciate any donations. If you wish to send a check please do to Patricia Weaver, 2601 Pine Knoll Dr. Unit 10 Walnut Creek, CA 94595

  • Do you have the courage and confidence to try something entirely new and different at your age?
     IF SO, CALL ME - 925/938-4388

  • Are you in a place in your life that you  just don't feel like yourself, a flat feeling, maybe slightly down, depressed, lack of energy, or a lack of zest for your own life?
     IF SO, CALL ME - 925/938-4388 

  • Are  you wondering - what's next in my life?  Where do I go from here?  Do I even know where "here" is?  What is my life going to be in the future?
     IF SO, CALL ME - 925/938-4388

  • Do you need a complete make-over inside and out? Many times we keep looking like our "best era", and don't try new ways of expressing ourselves in a way that is age appropriate and visually enhancing. 
     IF SO, CALL ME - 925/938-4388

  • Do you know what your gifts are?  Have you even thought about how very special you are?  Do you even know what "a gift" is?
     IF SO, CALL ME - 925/938-4388

  • I've never met anyone who didn't have their own answers to their questions, it's the process of uncovering and peeling back the layers to get to your answers.

    I will assist you in putting words and vocabulary to your thoughts and dreams that  will move you forward with a new confidence.  Your creativity about your own life will be enhanced ,especially the caring and love you can have  for your yourself and your gifts.  Your life will then begin to move forward.  I have used a phrase since the 70's in print in every business I've had,  "The Self is a Work of Art" .  It truly is. 

Patricia Weaver is an Age Activist, life transition specialist for individuals and organizations who want to access their highest and best contributions.  With tales from her adventures and dramatic turning points over the past 45 years of business authorship and consulting, Patricia delivers potent, practical prescriptions to help individuals avoid arrested development and focus on experiencing passion, purpose and joy in every moment.

We Now Have Veterans of a New Greatest Generation

We now have a new generation of veterans. I'm calling these new vets, The New Greatest Generation. They have been at war longer than in any of our wars. We cannot tolerate as a country the venom and hate that was directed toward our Vietnam Veterans. That was a horrible stain on our country. I gave three special events last year during Veterans Day week where I spoke about my involvement in WWII as a 5 year old tap dancer with a Big Band, Kay Kyser. We entertained at the VA Hospitals in Southern California.

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